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Woodcraft Products from $12.00 to $18.00

All prices in Australian Dollars.

Code Product Picture Description Price
209b 4 Wine Glass Holder - Laminated 209b_WineGlassHolder-Laminated.jpg (73548 bytes) Place this attractive laminated timber holder over the neck of a wine bottle and hang 4 wine glasses from it. $14.95


Huon Pine Dice - Medium (Middle), Large (Right) 222-224_HuonPineDice.jpg (97993 bytes) These attractive Huon Pine desk ornaments are available in three sizes.



226 Toilet Roll Holders
(flat pack)
226_ToildetRollStand.jpg (55673 bytes) Available in Huon Pine, Sassafras, Myrtle, Blackwood and King Billy Pine. $19.95


Limb Wood Cheese Board

(Medium & Large)

Made from a single piece of Huon Pine limb wood, this board i comes with a laminated card stating that this item is several hundred years old

Larger sizes from $12.

245 Axe on Stump


A great novelty and a wonderful ornament. The stump and the axe are both crafted from Huon Pine - available in 3 sizes. $17.95
 248 Axe on Log


A great novelty and a wonderful ornament. The log and the axe are both crafted from Huon Pine - available in 3 sizes. $17.95
260 Bottle Shape Bottle Opener 260_BottleShapedBottleOpener.jpg (152693 bytes) This appealing timber bottle opener comes with magnets so that it is always on the fridge door - just where you need it! $12.95


Boomerang Key Rack (Bottom)

Laminated Boomerang Key Rack (Top)

265-269_BoomerangKeyRack.jpg (143705 bytes) This great boomerang-shaped timber key rack will keep your keys just where you want them. $12.95


266a 'Keys' Key Rack 266a_KeyHolder.jpg (75502 bytes) This quality brass and timber key rack provides an easy way to store your keys. $15.95
296 Cheese Grater   Sheffield steel with a turned timber handle. $13.95
297 Broad Cheese Plane 297_BroadCheesePlane.jpg (87115 bytes) Sheffield steel with a turned timber handle. $13.95
298 Pointy Cheese Plane   Sheffield steel with a turned timber handle. $13.95
304 Fish Slice   Sheffield steel with a turned timber handle - Be like Flipper - Eat more Fish! $13.95
306 - 307 Hot Bread Knife - Plain (306), Laminated (307) 306-307_BreadKnife.jpg (103574 bytes) These saw blade bread knives are an attractive addition to any kitchen. $16.20


310 Small Magnifying Glass 310_MagnifyingGlass.jpg (78253 bytes) This beautifully handcrafted magnifying glass will become a family heirloom. $12.40
311 Large Magnifying Glass   As above, but with a larger lens for easy viewing - What a beauty! $13.95


Cutting Board - Medium (Middle),



315-317_CuttingBoard.jpg (128084 bytes) Handy cutting boards in Tasmanian native timbers. 

Medium - 250 x 145 mm

Large - 250 x 170 mm



323 Oblong Laminated Board 323_OblongLaminatedBoard.jpg (138953 bytes) A great cutting board made with laminated timbers.  $13.20
324 Round Laminated Board 324_RoundLaminatedBoard.jpg (148486 bytes) Stylish round laminated bread board hand crafted from native timbers. $16.95
342 Coasters -

6 Pack (left)

Comes packaged with raffia. One timber or more. $13.50


Coasters (Cork Base)

6 Pack (left)

Comes packaged with raffia in a pack of 6. One timber or more. $15.60


Multi Timbers Coaster Pack

6 Pack

Lacquered native timber drink coasters. Comes packaged with raffia with laminated card on reverse showing names of timbers. $13.20


Multi Timbers Coaster Pack

(Cork Base)

6 Pack

As above, but with non slip cork base. Comes packaged with raffia.  $15.60
 394 Oblong Frame

(3 x 4.5)

394_OblongFrame-ThinkMoulding.jpg (55249 bytes) A smaller and more economical variation of our oblong frames. $13.20
397 Round Picture Frame - large


Great for portraits. These larger frames (see top row) are hand turned from native timbers.


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