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Woodcraft Products from $3.00 to $6.00

All prices in Australian Dollars.

Code Product Picture Description Price
200 Medium Timber Pad Block Our top selling pad block. Keep it by the telephone for all those important messages. Available in a range of native timbers. $4.95
201 Mini Pad Blocks A handy timber block with yellow pad and pencil to keep by the telephone. $4.50
202 Large Pad Blocks A handy message pad and pencil. Keep it by the telephone for all those messages. $5.95
203 Woodnote - Timber Magnetic Note Pad 203_TimberMagneticNotePad.jpg (140037 bytes) A magnetic timber message pad at a bargain price. Keep it on the fridge or filing cabinet. Ideal for shopping lists. $3.65
204 Timber Message Pad - Cork Base As above but with a cork base. Have it handy at your desk or table. $3.65
210 Business Card Block 210_BusinessCardBlock.jpg (74788 bytes) Beautiful timber desk furniture with space for laser engraving to promote your business. $3.95
219 Double Matchbox Stand 219_DoubleMatchboxStand.jpg (119544 bytes) A handy double matchbox stand complete with a box of 'Redheads' and 'Dickheads'.


231 Hot Cross Trivet A very practical pot stand with thong for hanging made from selected Tasmanian timbers. $5.95
251 Tasmanian Map Magnet A cute reminder of your Tasmanian holiday. Put a timber Tassie on your fridge. $4.10
257 Huon Pine Limb Wood Pen Holder Another of our Huon Pine limb wood products. this one keeps your desk tidy! $5.45




Wall Plaque with Hanger

Wall Plaque with Magnet


Dozens of humorous sayings applied to a piece of Tasmanian Huon Pine with pyrography. Find the one that's just right for you or give it as a gift to that special person. $4.50




278 Toothpick Barrel 278_ToothpickBarrel.jpg (63921 bytes) A handy table accessory for your toothpicks made from selected timbers. $4.60
280 Honey Lifter Dip it in your favourite Tasmanian honey. A really useful gift. $4.50
282a Bush Pen (Right) 282a-b_BushPenAndPencils.jpg (91140 bytes) This handy bush pen is made from Australian timber. $3.80
292 Spinning Top - Large 292_SpinningTopLarge.jpg (125985 bytes) Lovely aesthetic spinning tops hand turned from Tasmanian horizontal scrub (andopetalum biglandulosum) $5.95
314 Horizontal Scrub Card Holder 314_CardHolder.jpg (133636 bytes) A 'natural look' business card holder for your shop or office. $4.65
326 Limb Wood Coaster Single coasters made from a slice of Huon Pine limb wood - probably 100 years old, at least! $3.00
329 Laminated Coaster 329_LaminatedCoasters.jpg (167206 bytes) Several different Tasmanian timbers laminated together, and with cork 'feet'. Species individually identified with pyrography. $4.95
 364 Tasmanian Map Coaster Large enough for a hefty mug of coffee, these attractive Tasmania-shaped coasters have been lacquered.  $5.60





4 Coaster Stand



6 Coaster Stand

348_365_Coaster6PackWithStand.jpg (126922 bytes) An attractive accompaniment to display the thin 4 timber coaster pack.  Supplied with a cork base.

As for 365 but with slots for 6 different timbers.






367 Huon Pine Emu Egg Stand Beautifully hand crafted Huon Pine Egg Stands suitable for the display and storage of your decorated Emu Eggs (eggs sold separately). $6.20
368 Huon Pine Egg Cup 368_HuonPineEggCup.jpg (128888 bytes) A cute little wooden egg cup to brighten up your breakfast table. $3.65
378 Spaghetti Measure 378_SpaghettiMeasure.jpg (170096 bytes) A novel way to measure spaghetti when preparing meals. $4.20
379 Boomerang  379_Boomerang.jpg (173862 bytes) Our Tassie boomerang is a great way to showcase beautiful timbers. Not designed for throwing. $5.75
380 Oven Tool 380_OvenTool.jpg (174120 bytes) This timber oven tool is a practical way to push or pull the shelf in your oven without burning your fingers. $3.60
382 Pot Stirrer 382_PotStirrer.jpg (185351 bytes) This wins our 'Wooden Spoon' award. A handy kitchen accessory.  $4.95
383 Wok Stirrer Our timber wok stirrer is a useful addition to any kitchen. $4.95
384 'Wokky' Wok Tool 384_WokkyWokTool.jpg (70505 bytes) Made of Huon Pine and identified with pyrography, this is another useful kitchen implement. $4.60
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