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Woodcraft Products from $9.00 to $12.00

All prices in Australian Dollars.

Code Product Picture Description Price
221a Doggie Dumb Bell 221a_DoggieDumbBell.jpg (79452 bytes) A great gift for the family hound. $7.50
222 Huon Pine Dice - Small (Left) These attractive Huon Pine desk ornaments are available in three sizes. $10.95
234 Small Cheese Board 234_CheeseBoardSmall.jpg (77576 bytes) Carefully crafted from a piece of Huon Pine limb wood. This small cheese board is attractively presented with a card showing that the wood is several hundred years old. Priced from $9.90 as size varies.
237 Huon Pine Limb Wood Tea Light Holder   This product makes attractive use of ancient Huon Pine branches. Every piece has its own special features to enhance the decor of any home. $9.45
238 Double Tea Light Holder Slightly larger than 237 and containing two tea light candles. $9.80
244 Axe on Stump


A great novelty and a wonderful ornament. The stump and the axe are both crafted from Huon Pine - available in 3 sizes. $10.95
 247 Axe on Log


A great novelty and a wonderful ornament. The log and the axe are both crafted from Huon Pine - available in 3 sizes. $10.95



Trout Magnet - large (right) In the shape of a leaping Tasmanian trout - comes in 3 sizes. $11.20



258 Desk Set 258_DeskSet.jpg (137123 bytes) A useful piece of desk furniture - a pen and yellow sticky pad always at your fingertips. $11.20
261 Round Bottle Opener   This appealing timber bottle opener comes with magnets so that it is always on the fridge door. $10.85
264 Horizontal Scrub Key Rack 264_HorizontalScrbKeyRack.jpg (127339 bytes) A rustic hanging key rack made from native Horizontal scrub. $9.90
286 Bud Vase 286_budvase.jpg (62640 bytes) A functional timber bud vase with glass insert. Just right for a solitary rose or carnation. $11.95
315 Cutting Board - Small


315-317_CuttingBoard.jpg (128084 bytes) An oblong cutting board in a range of native timbers. 200 x 145 cm. $11.30
370 Huon Pine 6 Egg Stand 368-371_HuonPineEggCups.jpg (128430 bytes) Keep a handy half dozen eggs ready for use in your kitchen. Also holds tea light candles. $10.45
393 Small Frames 393_SquareFrame-ThickMoulding.jpg (68271 bytes) Available in Native Timbers (3" x 3")

- Blackwood
- Myrtle
- Sassafras
- Huon Pine

396 Round Picture Frame - small


These popular small round frames are hand turned from native timbers (bottom 2 rows of picture). $9.30
  Egg And Stand EggAndStand.jpg (77540 bytes) An ornamental novelty made from Huon Pine.  
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