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Emu Products

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All our quality Tasmanian Emu and Ostrich products are sourced from
Emu and Ostrich Farms in our beautiful island State.

Code Product Picture Description Price
184 Tasmanian Emu Egg This attractive natural Emu Egg has been carefully cleaned and is ideal for a wide range of craft applications including painting and engraving $9.00


Decorated Emu Egg

Wire Egg Stand

These beautiful hand painted Emu Eggs come in a wide variety of Australian Wildflower designs.

Click here for samples.

186 Natural Emu Feather Pack 186_NaturalEmuFeathers.jpg (102274 bytes) The only bird feather with a double shaft. 20 beautiful natural emu feathers per pack. Ideal for fashion and craft uses. $4.00
187 Emu Feathers 187_EmuFeathers.jpg (103553 bytes) As shown in the photo these feathers come in all colours and make a useful addition to any craftpersons' repertoire. Listed on the back of the packet are a number of possible uses including trout flies, costumes, masks, sun catchers and hat decorations. $4.00
189 Emu Claw Necklace     $16.60
  Basket of Eggs An eye-catching way to display your Emu eggs in any retail situation  
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