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Woodcraft Products Under $3.00

All prices in Australian Dollars.

Code Product Picture Description Price
208 Spirit Miniature Stand 208_SpiritMiniature Stand.jpg (91040 bytes) A cute little balancing bottle stand for your spirit miniatures $2.50
211 Business Card Holder (short) 211_BusinessCardHolderShort.jpg (100141 bytes) A useful gift at an affordable price, ideal for shop counters and desks. $1.90
212 Business Card Holder (Long) 212_businesscardholderlong.jpg (99573 bytes) As above, but this version is as long as the business card. $2.20


Huon Pine Bag (Small)

Huon Pine Bag (Large)

213-214_HuonPineBag.jpg (172072 bytes) Huon Pine shavings have a unique fragrance that can be used to keep moths and silverfish out of your clothes. $1.20




Huon Pine Shapes 216-217_HPShapes.jpg (115017 bytes) SHAPES GALORE - Native animals, birds, sea life, teddies, witches - you name it, we can do it. Decorate your own fridge magnets or use them as drawer fresheners. 

$1.20 without magnets

$1.40 with magnets

262 Key Tag - Oblong 262_keytagoblong.jpg (113529 bytes) Made from a selection of native timbers. $1.45
274 Letter Knife 274_LetterKnife.jpg (182476 bytes) A handy letter opener made from native timbers. $2.75
276 Letter Opener with Thong 276_LetterOpenerWithThong.jpg (156858 bytes) Another type or letter opener but with a useful thong made of quality kangaroo leather.  $2.75



277 Letter Opener on card This Tasmanian timber letter opener with thong comes with an information card describing the tree which it was made from. $2.95
285 Bush Pencil (right) 282a-b_BushPenAndPencils.jpg (91140 bytes) A rustic look bush pencil made from Australian native timber.  $2.30
312 Horizontal Scrub Door Wedge A practial solution to keep your doors where you want them, whilst showcasing this unusual Tasmanian timber species. $1.95
326 Limb Wood Coaster 326_LimbWoodCoasterSingle.jpg (81536 bytes) A slice of Huon Pine limb wood, probably over 100 years old. $3.00
331 Timber Coaster Stain resistant lacquered drink coasters made from selected Tasmanian timbers. $2.25
332 Timber Coaster - Cork Base picture as above As above but with an attractive cork base and a gold sticker identifying the species of timber. $2.60
350 Timber Coaster - Thick As for 331 but a thicker piece of timber (8mm instead of 5mm). $2.60
351 Timber Coaster - Thick with Cork Base As for 350 but with a cork base. $3.00



Butter Knife

Butter Knife on Card

372_ButterKnife.jpg (109398 bytes) Like the letter opener, this comes on a card telling the story of the timber. $2.75



374 Pate Knife 374_PateKnife.jpg (107249 bytes) A slimline pate knife made from native timbers. $2.75
375 Pate Knife on Card 375_PateKnifeOnCard.jpg (182579 bytes) As above, but with a card telling the story of the timber. $2.95



Bookmark on Card

376_BookmarkWithThong.jpg (157089 bytes) This bookmark displays some of our finest timbers. $2.75

$2.95 with card

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